United Muslim Association Of Hong Kong

• The Prophet Mohammad (swt) said:
“Whoever built the Mosque, with the intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah would build for him similar in paradise.”
“If soft water can wear away hard rock by its persistence during many years, surely I can overcome all my difficulties by perseverance and tolerance,” said Late Mohamed Alli Din, Founder of the United Muslim Association of Hong Kong (UMAH).
The gifted virtues and wisdom from Almighty Allah and by steady and untiring work made him succeed in his mission in acquiring a piece of land in the New Territories where the first and only Mosque and Islamic Centre will be built for the Muslim Community after more than 156 years without a place of worship nearby.
Statistics reveal that there are more than 200, 000 ethnic minority Muslims in Hong Kong but only 5 Mosques were built during the British Regime. Four Mosques can be found in Hong Kong Island and on in Kowloon Peninsula. Not one exists in the New Territories.
UMAH’s vision is history-in-the-making as it aspires to be the first Mosque and Islamic Centre to be built in the New Territories, and the first Mosque to be put up after the return of Hong Kong to China. And so the challenge begins.
The United Muslim Association of Hong Kong is appealing to all Brothers and Sisters in Islam, locally and internationally to help and financially support the construction of the ONE and ONLY Mosque and Islamic Centre in the New Territories, Hong Kong.
After more than 156 years, an opportunity to build a place of worship for the Muslim community has come. Thus we urge all Muslims to support help and get involved and do charities work for the betterment of mankind. Take part in giving back the glory to the Almighty Allah as we build Him a humble House together and we will all be blessed with each generous and charitable deed.


Believe it can happen. Let’s work together and make it happen for our Beloved Allah.


Give your donation by depositing through:
Crossed Cheque Payable To: UMAH International Primary School

A/C No: 170-9-049033 Bank Name: HSBC
Mailing Address:  P.O.Box 399, Yuen Long Delivery Post Office, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, China
Contact Telephone Numbers: (852)-26183172  /  24505401 Fax Number: (852) 3007 3602
E-mail: umahdin@yahoo.com  website: www.simplesite.com/umahhk



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